• 9 September 2016

The BATtle of the Attack Detection ALgorithms (BATADAL) will objectively compare the performance of algorithms for the detection of cyber attacks in water distribution systems. Participants will contribute an attack detection algorithm for a given water network following a set of rules that determine the exact goal of the algorithms.


Modern Water Distribution Systems rely on computers, sensors and actuators for both monitoring and operational purposes. This combination of physical processes and embedded systems (cyber-physical systems, in short) improves the level of service of water distribution networks but exposes them to the potential threats of cyber attacks. During the past decade, several water supply and distribution systems have been attacked, with the consequent creation of cyber-security agencies and international partnerships to defend water networks. Yet, little is known about the potential effect of these attacks as well as the design and implementation of attack detection algorithms which identify anomalous behaviors of sensors, pumps and other components of water networks.

More details on Design Challenge

BATADAL is related to the organizer's ongoing work on water distribution system security. A brief overview of that work is given in the following video: