• 1 March 2018

The provisional results of BATADAL were announce at the EWRI congress 2017, and are as follows:

Place Team Attacks Detected Score (S) Report
1 Housh and Ohar 7 0.970 Report
2 Abokifa et al. 7 0.949 Report
3 Giacomoni et al. 7 0.927 Report
4 Brentan et al. 6 0.894 Report
5 Chandy et al. 7 0.802 Report
6 Pasha et al. 7 0.773 Report
7 Aghashahi et al. 3 0.534 Report

Resulting Publications

Riccardo Taormina and Stefano Galelli and Nils Ole Tippenhauer and Elad Salomons and Avi Ostfeld and Demetrios G. Eliades and Mohsen Aghashahi and Raanju Sundararajan and Mohsen Pourahmadi and M. Katherine Banks and B. M. Brentan and Enrique Campbell and G. Lima and D. Manzi and D. Ayala-Cabrera and M. Herrera and I. Montalvo and J. Izquierdo and E. Luvizotto and Sarin E. Chandy and Amin Rasekh and Zachary A. Barker and Bruce Campbell and M. Ehsan Shafiee and Marcio Giacomoni and Nikolaos Gatsis and Ahmad Taha and Ahmed A. Abokifa and Kelsey Haddad and Cynthia S. Lo and Pratim Biswas and M. Fayzul K. Pasha and Bijay Kc and Saravanakumar Lakshmanan Somasundaram and Mashor Housh and Ziv Ohar; "The Battle Of The Attack Detection Algorithms: Disclosing Cyber Attacks On Water Distribution Networks." Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 144 (8), August, 2018. (doi link, bib)